Screw Fastening Monitor

Delvo Screw Fastening Monitor

  • Converts motor current to torque value at torque-up
  • Sends data to external devices such as computers and PLCs
  • OK (Pass) / NG (Fail) can be judged by the output torque (converted value) and screw fastening time.


Model DTM10 DTM45
Connectable models Electric Screwdriver DLV04C10L-AZ DLV45C12L-AZ
Controller DCC0101X-AZ DCC0241X-AZ
Transmission data Operation channel / Converted current value*
Screw fastening time Screw fastening time or Rotation Signal
Communication method RS-232C
Standard Accessories Connection cord DLW9075 (2m) Connection cord DLW9078 (2m)
Rubber feet

*Converted current value: Motor current value at torque-up converted to a value between 0 to 4095