Solvent Dispenser

Techco solvent dispensers are ESD safe and designed with an easy way to dispense alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, ethanol, methanol, terpenes, thinner or any other similar liquids to use with swabs, wipes or cotton ball for cleaning applications.

TSD18 / TSD818 has a dish-shaped pump dispenser which allows for easy one-handed operation. This special design for the pump head reduces evaporation and prevents spills and contaminates from back flowing into the container.

TSD18AS / TSD818AS dispensers have a unique anti-splash head design, releasing holes were drilled at 30ᵒ angle slanting to prevent solvent from splashing upwards if too much force was applied when dispensing, the solvent will still dispense smoothly into the reservoir.

The dispensers includes a hinged lid to keep out impurities while not in use and the stainless steel pump head is to facilitate the use of aggressive solvents. A precision valve prevents contents in the container to vaporize or leak. To ensure additional purity, the pump head is sealed with a cello band seal when delivered.