Wiha VDE-certified tools

Wiha VDE-tested  tools are subjected to stringent safety test procedures.

All tools with the special marking have been tested at 10,000 V AC and are therefore approved for use at 1,000 V AC and 1,500 V DC.

The following equipment is required for all work on around live components and shoud be appropriate for the specific task

  • Insulating personal protective equipment
  • Insulating safety mechanisms
  • Insulated tools

Before starting work, you must disconnected all active, live components of electrical machines and equipment and ensure that they remain disconnected while you carry out the work.

This is achieved by complying with the five safety rules:

  • disconnect
  • secure against reconnection
  • ensure power is switched off
  • earth and short-circuit
  • cover or block off adjacent live components

Certified by the VDE testing and Certification Institute and individually tested according to the international standard IEC 60900:2012.