Freeze Sprays

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays are exceptionally pure, nonflammable and provide instantaneous freezing action while leaving no residue. Conveniently packaged and designed for either pinpoint or full board application, these non-reactive circuit refrigerants vaporize instantly while cooling targeted areas.

Popular models being: Freez-It (ES1550), Freez-It Antistat (ES1551), Freeze Spray (ES1052)

Product Selection Guide

Product Application Global Warming Potential* Volatile Organic Compound** Frost Formation Cooling Speed Cooling Temperature
Arctic Blast™ Pinpoint 6 0% Yes Fast -49ºF/-45ºC
Arctic Blast™ Antistat Pinpoint 6 <1% No Fast -49ºF/-45ºC
Arctic Storm™ Wide Area 6 0% Yes Very Fast -49ºF/-45ºC
Freeze-It® Pinpoint 1300 0% Yes Fast -60ºF/-51ºC
Freeze-It® Antistat Pinpoint 1300 <1% No Fast -60ºF/-51ºC
Freeze Spray Wide Area 1300 0% Yes Very Fast -60ºF/-51ºC