DLV04C/10C10L-AYK series

Delvo DLV04C/10C10L-AYK

Multifunction Electric screwdrivers incorporating brushless motors

  • Current Controlled Torque System
  • Low-voltage Brushless Motor
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection
  • For both Hand-held or Automatic machines
  • Built-in Screw Counting Function

Specifications (Electric Screwdriver)


Model DLV04C10L-AY|K DLV10C10L-AY|K
(Nm [lbf-in])
SOFT fastening setting (1000rpm setting) 0.05-0.4 [0.44-3.54] 0.2-1.0 [1.77-8.85]
HARD fastening setting (600rpm setting) 0.05-0.35[0.44-3.09] 0.2-0.45[1.77-3.98]
HARD fastening setting 0.05-0.4[0.44-3.54] 0.2-1.0[1.77-8.85]
Free Speed (rpm) SOFT fastening setting 600-1000 600-1000
HARD fastening setting 100-1000 100-1000
Screw Size (mm) Machine screw 1.2-3.0[0.05″-0.12″] 1.8-4.0[0.07″-0.16″]
Tapping screw 1.1-2.5[0.04″-0.10″] 1.6-3.5[0.06″-0.14″]
Bit Type NK35(0D6.35mm[1/4″]Hex.Shank)
Input Voltage 24 V DC
Mass 0.37 kg [0.82lbs]
Rated Operation ON:0.5 seconds / OFF:3.5 seconds


Specifications (Controller)


Model DCC0101X-AZ|P
Input Voltage AC100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Operation Channel Torque and speed setting in 4-channel memory
Function Can switch to any operation channel
Count Function Tracks screws fastened
Workpiece detector can be incorporated
External Startup Control Function Start up control can be enabled by external input signal
Input Signal Method Photocoupler input (24 V DC drive (5mA/1 input), respond to PNP output)
Output Signal Method Photocoupler output (30 V DC or less (30mA/1 input or less), PNP output method)
Service Power Source 24 V DC (Maximum capacity 200 mA)
Power Consumption When on standby: 20W
During electric screwdriver rotation (rated): 30W
Mass 1.1 kg [2.4 lbs]
Power Cord (Optional) DLW9220 / DLW9240 / DLW9250


Torque Measuring Equipment


Torque checker DLT1173A
Measurement bit NK35 (No.2 x 4 x 75) .For the bit tip shape, use “+N0.2”
Screw Joint for SOFT Fastening Setting* DLW4540(with white rubber) | DLW4550 (with black rubber)
Screw Joint for HARD Fastening Setting DLW4560 (with metal washer)