Delvo DLT1173A/1673A/1973A series


Maintaining high assembly quality with ease

  • Measured data is stored even after the power is turned off, preventing any data loss
  • Energy saving type with AUTO POWER OFF function (Power is automatically turned off when left unused for 10 minutes)
  • A program designed for uploading the data stored in the “delvo” torque checkers to a computer is available to download free from the NITTO KOHKI website: http://www.nitto-kohki.co.jp/e/prd/delvo/


Model DLT1173A DLT1673A DLT1973A
Measurement Range (Nm) 0.015 – 1.500 1.15 – 10.00 4.00 – 12.00
Calibration Precision Within ± 0.5% (Full Scale) For 0.2 Nm or less ± 1 digit Within ± 0.5% (Full Scale) For 2 Nm or less ± 1 digit Within ± 0.5% (Full Scale)
Display 4-digit digital display (Single-line) Data sampling : 1,000 times/sec. Display rate : 12 times/sec.
Measuring Unit kgf.cm, Nm, lbf.in (selectable)
Data Memory 800 pieces of data
Measuring Direction CW and CCW
Measuring Mode 3 modes : PD-TR-PP
Auto Power Off Power off if left untouched for 10 minutes
External Output As per USB output Mitsutoyo Digimatic
Analog Output Approx. 1.5 V max Approx. 1.0 V max Approx. 1.1 V max
No zero offset; identical waveforms produced in PP, PD, and TR modes
Continuous Operation Time 20 hours
External Dimensions (mm) W160 x D110 x H47 W200 x D112 x H48.5
Mass (kg) 1.1 1.4
Rechargeable Battery Nickel metal hydride battery
Charger Type DLE1833A
Input Voltage for Charger 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Charging Time 4 hours
Standard Accessories Screw Joint (DLW4430) Bit Joint (DLW4360)

Spring for Joint (DLW4660)

Soft Joint (DLW4000)
Plug Shape (Asia & Europe)