Contact Cleaners & Lubricant

Pow-R-Wash™ High Purity Formulations remove environmental contaminants and protect contacts from corrosion and frictional wear. Contact cleaners restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts by penetrating and removing insulating oil and grease, conductive carbon soil, and insulative oxides from contact surfaces. By restoring full circuit continuity, Chemtronics contact cleaners improve the performance of all equipment that rely on electrical contacts.

Popular models being: Power-Wash VZ (ES6300), Power-Wash PR (ES1605), Power-Wash CZ (ES7300)

Product Selection Guide

Features Benefits and Applications
Cleaner Degreasers Plastic Safe Nonflammable Cleaning Strength No Ozone Depleting Chemicals Dries Fast For Use On Live Circuits Dielectric Breakdown Lubricates
Pow-R-Wash® Delta X 30KV Strongest Cleaner
Pow-R-Wash® Cable Cleaner X 62 KV
Pow-R-Wash® VZ R 15KV
Pow-R-Wash® PR R 44KV
Tune-O-Wash R 23KV
DPL®Deep Penetrating Lubricant R NA 30KV
Pow-R-Wash®CZ R 31KV Most Plastic-Safe
R-Regular Strength X-Extra Strength *For Lubrication only