The new Luxo LHH is a natural development of the original medical examination luminaire, which is used daily by medical professionals all over the world.

It is the highly flexible self-balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output that has given the LHH diagnostic luminaires vast popularity among the medical profession. The frictionless horizontal and vertical movement and the ease of use make the LHH the most flexible examination luminaire on the market – and the best in its class. The use of modern LED light sources has made it possible to reduce the size of the new lamp head, compared with the original. The reduced size provides for even better viewing conditions.

Available with adjustable colour temperature
A new feature of Luxo LHH with adjustable colour temperature is available. This makes it possible to switch between warm white and cool white light, depending on the task at hand. The warm white setting is ideal for dermatological examinations, while the cool white setting is ideal for the recognition of blood vessels.